Is JoJo Siwa Gay???

Their has been a few posts on Instagram & TikTok of JoJo Siwa holding hands with a friend of her's named, "Kylie". A fan posted a a video of JoJo holding hands with her & walking.

JoJo is 17 years old & she is a Nickelodeon star, YouTuber, TikToker, Gamer, Artists & Actor. JoJo was born in Omaha, Nebraska & now she lives in California with her family. JoJo makes awesome & amazing music, we love the music that she puts out & her fans does! JoJo is going to be in a upcoming movie called, "Bounce". We can't wait to see the movie when it comes out & we can't wait to see the poster & the trailer!!

Recently JoJo posted a video of her addressing a situation that happened, that involved a board game with her name on it & Nickelodeon's. The game wasn't family friendly & JoJo didn't even know about it at all.

In the video JoJo says, that she didn't know about this & not a lot of stuff gets passed by her. She also said in the post. That her fans & followers were letting her know about this. JoJo said, that Nickelodeon & her team are removing the game & are discontinuing the game.

Back to the post about JoJo holding hands, a TikToker went to Hollywood to do the Funko Pop & spotted JoJo & she saw JoJo holding hands with her best friend Kylie. Here is the post below!

Here are some posts of JoJo's fans posting about this & sharing this!

JoJo has also said to her fans, that she supports the "LGTBQ" which is awesome. To us we think JoJo is just doing this for fun, but what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

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