June's Next Big Artist

Who is are next big artist of June? It is Crash Adams! Crash & Adams are two childhood friends & they make awesome music. Their latest single, "Too Hot To Touch" is on fire, literally! The song is really good & it has 4.7k views on YouTube & it has 87, 455 streams on Spotify.

Here is some information about the group Crash Adams:

I’m Crash, this is Adams. We’re 2 childhood friends from Toronto, Canada and we like suits. Growing up, we both had ears for the finer things, like Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, and the occasional 50-cent (at 12 years old I wanted to be a rapper – it was short lived). I began producing at a young age while Adams played guitar.

We produce, write, sing, mix and master all of our music. We don't have a team yet, we do everything ourselves and we've been working as hard as we possibly can to make our dream happen. - Crash Adams

They were featured in the YouTuber Ryan Trahan's video, for his Instagram Live Talent Show & they were amazing on their!!

Crash Adams has 7.11k Subscribers on YouTube & counting & they have 13.7k Followers on Instagram & they have 715 likes on FaceBook & on Twitter they have 473 followers & on Spotify they have 9, 149 followers. They are definitely going to blow up & we can't wait for when they do!

Congrats Crash Adams for being our Next Big Artist & we can't wait to see what will happen in the feature for you guys, you guys rock!