Teen Arrested for Zoom Boomed

A teen, who lives in Connecticut is being arrested for, "Zoom" booming. YouTuber Zaxs who has 47.9k & counting is being arrested. He & his friend Jack Doherty are both being accused for Zoom booming. Jack Doherty is a YouTuber who has 2.85 Million subscribers & counting. YouTuber Jack Doherty posted a video on April 4th on YouTube titled, "Crashing Random Online Classes!" featuring his friend Zaxs, they are both accused of breaking crimes.

Zaxs is being charged with:

1. 5th Degree Computer Crime

2. 5th Degree Conspiracy Crime

3. Breach of Peace

The crimes have forced Madison schools not to use Zoom.

“We have decided to suspend use of Zoom for whole group instruction until the district can have more assurance that Zoom has addressed security concerns,” Madison Superintendent Tom Scarice wrote in a note to parents Tuesday. - nypost.com

You can check out Zaxs's video below that he posted on April 10th, that gives some information about the crimes & video of the police that came to his house. In the video he says, "He is sorry & that he didn't even know & that it was used for entertainment purposes's."

Let us know below what you think of this whole situation that is going on right now. We will keep you guys updated on what happens.